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Providing safety and shelter to your employees, students and customers during times of natural disasters and civil unrest can be the leading factor in separating your business/school from any other. Forever Safe Shelters can provide you and your business/school with customizable shelters loaded with the options you require. Please do not hesitate to call us to more thoroughly discuss your unique needs.


Our standard size commercial shelter is 12'8" wide x 20'0" long. However, we offer other sizes ranging from 12'8" wide x 12'0" long to 12'8" wide x 28'0" long or in any other 4'0" wide additional increments necessary to meet your company/school's needs.

Ventilation & Conduit

There are holes for ventilation for air supply in the walls and for HVAC in the roof panels. A sleeve for an electrical conduit can be installed upon request as well.


All of Forever Safe Shelter's doors open inward into the shelter at no additional cost to you. 

Structural Details

Our shelters are constructed of panels welded together and anchored to an above-average concrete slab. Each wall panel is made using 4" steel channel welded into a rectangular unit with a #4 rebar system welded inside. High strength concrete is then added and cured for 30 days prior to installation. We also weld lifting eyes to the wall panels in order to lift them, load them and erect/weld them together. The roof panels are made in like manner but are made from a higher strength 4" channel system that includes a #5 rebar system welded inside. The entire unit can be anchored to your slab using either steel plates embedded into your concrete slab or by installing 2"x 2" angles welded to our wall panels and then drilled and anchored into your slab. The shelters weigh about 600 pounds per lineal foot.

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